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Former Patient Helps Today’s Patients
Giving | Health | September 25, 2014 |

For well over a decade, Sheila Johnston asked Brown Square patients thousands of times to open wide and say “ahhhh!” Twice a year, one particular patient, who wishes to remain anonymous today, complied. Appreciating the compassionate registered dental hygienist, he remained a Brown Square patient. Like many patients then and now, he appreciated the sliding fee scale that kept the cost of the visit affordable—far less than a private pay office.

Under Sheila’s expert care, he had the smile of a man who enjoys good dental health. As time progressed, his finances improved and he left Brown Square, making room for others who needed the same skilled, dignified care without regard to ability to pay. Recently, the former patient wrote a touching letter to Brown Square reflecting on the care and comfort he received and the lasting impression it created. With a little research, he estimate the cost of his twice-a-year care, rounded up a little, and mailed the letter with a check to provide dental services for patients at Brown Square (operated by Jordan Health since August, 2011).

Because of his generosity, adults and children will receive dental services from Brown Square that will give them the confidence to smile! As we all know, smiles transmit inner health, defuse tense situations, and supply hope to conquer defeat. With all his heart, our namesake Dr. Anthony L. Jordan believed that “the door to the doctor’s office should always be open.” He turned this belief into action every day, never turning anyone away—much like this remarkable gift received from a grateful former patient.