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Lisa’s Story
Dental | Giving | Health | Ob/Gyn | ROC-The-Day | Year-End Campaign | November 30, 2015 |

“I am going to die young if I don’t start taking care of me.”

Lisa Willis had not seen a primary care physician for several years so “making an appointment was the scariest part,” she said. The delay wasn’t Lisa’s only concern. There was her daughter’s need for braces and the big question mark concerning insurance. Worrying about children can keep a mother up at night. For Lisa, it was doubly tough as her thoughts also included the loss of her son. Fighting depression, Lisa kept busy helping everyone else and managed to keep other worrisome thoughts away—like the lump in her breast she found the year before that remained untreated.

Another member of the Willis family already had first-hand knowledge of the care and efficiency offered to Jordan Health patients. Thanks to prompting from her mom, Jacqueline Sprague, Lisa called Jordan Health for an appointment in Ob/Gyn (and one in Dental, too). Lisa credits the Ob/Gyn staff with listening compassionately and moving quickly; they helped her make an ultrasound appointment at Strong which was followed by biopsies, surgery and ultimately chemo and radiation.

This is the kind of patient care Lisa wanted and needed. In her own words: “efficiency as well as a quick turnaround and prioritized patient care.” It’s the kind of patient care her mom remembered receiving from Dr. Jordan, who would make a house call if needed even if pay was not always possible. That legacy of caring and wellness is alive today across all ten Jordan Health locations. “I think people are surprised how thorough, efficient and professional Jordan Health is now,” Lisa said with a proud smile thinking about the Ob/Gyn and Dental departments. My daughter’s dentist is here. When we went to Braces of Greece to see her orthodontist, he said he’d never seen such thorough records!”

Lisa went from scariest day expecting the worst, to Proud To Be Here experiencing a sense of community within Jordan Health that will be alive and well in her family for generations.

Lisa’s story is one of many across Jordan Health. It’s a story of hope and resilience, family and caring, and that special commitment to excellence shared by the staff and board. If you’d like to support Jordan Health, please respond to our annual appeal letter or just click the orange donate button at the top right side of this page. Need patients services for yourself or want to make a referral? Please visit Jordan Health.