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On The Porch Video Première
Behavioral Health | Event Recap | Health | Our Mission | Videos | October 08, 2015 |

Some symbols, like the Nike “swoosh” or the American Red Cross “plus” are so iconic they are understood all across the globe. In Rochester NY, say “porch” to some people, and 136 Adams Street comes immediately and fondly to mind. It’s the place where they developed community as they waited “on the porch” to receive healthcare services from Dr. Anthony L. Jordan. Press play to learn more about the man behind the legacy of caring and wellness.

Behavioral Health Action

Would you like to join the group looking at urban mental health and the effects of trauma? A growing group of behavioral health practitioners and advocates met on September 17. These folks are meeting to form action/work groups to chart the landscape/status of healthcare services/gaps along with need/demand in the community. If interested, please request our action card which gives you the opportunity to donate time to provide education, awareness and solutions to the issues that plague our community via lecture series, seminars, training, etc., all looking at man from a holistic point of view.

Other ways to help: Not available for meetings? You may also offer Pro bono work, financial support,  or any other way you feel would be beneficial to the community.