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Remembering Kalam Muttalib, JD
Board | Giving | Our Mission | March 09, 2015 |

He was a kind man whose shoes are too big to fill, but whose steps are easy to follow.

That was the sentiment expressed by family, colleagues and friends of Kalam Muttalib, JD tonight at the ceremony remembering his life and contributions as a long-time Westside Health, then Jordan Health, board member. In the photo above, NYS Division of Human Rights Regional Director Julia Day, Mr. Muttalib’s supervisor at the Division, spoke about his dedication. His contributions to countless lives were echoed in the many donations that were given in his remembrance.

The virtue of his life was exceptionally well remembered with kind remarks on the humble quality of his family life, his work life, and his community life. In different ways, the comments all spoke to the value Mr. Muttalib added to others.

His was a life well-lived in service to the brotherhood of mankind—and he will be missed.