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ROC-The-Day for Jordan Health
Education & Advocacy | Endowment | Giving | Health | ROC-The-Day | Videos | November 06, 2014 |

Thank you to these Jordan RocStars!

Dr. Robin Adair

Dr. Louise Bennett

Ms. Andrea DiGiorgio

Ms. Marguerite Fontaine

Mr. John Harnish

Dr. Sakinah Miller

Mr. Roderick Spratling

Your generosity on December 2, 2014 during ROC-The-Day has helped get the Jordan Foundation off to a great start this holiday giving season!

Please watch and share our video and the Jordan Health ROC-The-Day profile to learn more about the vital side of giving for healthcare.

This year we highlighted three options for community support:

  1. Healthy Weight and Wellness
  2. CenteringPregnancy
  3. Endowment Support

Healthy Weight and Wellness is the name of a new clinical program that promotes healthy eating, physical activity, weight loss, and improved quality of life for Jordan Health patients. The pilot (launched July 10, 2014) used a new team-based clinical model to improve patients’ diet, physical activity, weight, and quality of life. English-speaking patients (aged 18 or older) entered the 12-week program overweight or obese, with a history of two or more weight related conditions, ready to commit to attending six biweekly sessions. Numerous patient testimonies attest to the program’s life-changing success including: “What is valuable to me is how to deal with my feelings and emotions, don’t use food as a way of escape, but refer back to my notes on coping skills.” Funds raised will be used to replenish pedometers, water bottles, portion plates, Public Market gift tokens, or the light and healthy refreshments provided at each session.

CenteringPregnancy takes advantage of group dynamics to improve learning and promote sharing in ways not possible through the traditional one-to-one medical visit. Over ten sessions, women gain confidence and knowledge about the pregnancy experience by helping each other understand the body’s “normal” changes leading up to, during, and after pregnancy. In the group setting, women feel more empowered, benefit from a decrease in anxiety and, equally importantly, providers who facilitate these groups have observed an increase in “motivation to learn and change” for participants and “renewed satisfaction in delivering quality care” for providers. This is good news for the moms, babies and families. Funds raised will be used to replenish hands on teaching and gestationally appropriate  educational and supportive materials such as dolls, the “rice-sock” comforter, participant books or healthy snacks (etc.). 

Endowment Support. Growing our endowment is essential! It means affordable healthcare and innovative health-related programs will always be available for vulnerable residents in Monroe and Ontario County. Along with wise investment, gifts to the endowment increase the dividends that help us grow the fund and make an annual gift to Jordan Health for projects like Healthy Weight and Wellness, CenteringPregnancy and others that are building healthy lives for youth and families.

Thank you for being a Jordan Health ROCstar! Missed the 24-hour giving event but still willing to support any of these opportunities? Just click our orange DONATE button at the top of this page.