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Tree of Life photographic series supports the Foundation
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The Jordan Foundation partnered with multifaceted artist Gale Karpel to brand our Tree of Life donor celebration with a unique, expansive persona that will speak to people at every stage of their life. “We wanted an image that was universal and timeless—one that everyone could understand,” said Foundation chair Kathleen Pringle.

“We considered personal portraits,” said Foundation Relations director J. K. Langkans, “but ultimately we were excited by this tree’s unique ability to represent life fully productive in all of its seasons. That’s a healthy message.”

Gale debuted her striking oak series on May 8 as we honored Dr. David Broadbent with our Heart of Healthcare award. In an act of generosity, Gale chose to donate to the Foundation a portion of the proceeds from each sale made during the donor celebration. Extending her generosity, Gale has allowed sales on behalf of the Foundation to continue for a limited period of time. To become a Foundation supporter, select the image(s) you like from the Order Sheet and use the payment method you prefer. Gale will sign and number each print. We will call you when your print(s) is(are) ready for pick-up from Jordan Health Center. Thank you in advance for your support!

To pay by credit card:

  1. Click the Donate button to go to PayPal, or
  2. Call our Finance department at (585) 423-2814, or
  3. Call our Foundation Relations director at (585) 820-0858 or email us.

To pay by check:

Please make your check payable to the Jordan Foundation and mail/deliver it to us at 82 Holland Street, Rochester NY 14605.

To pay by cash:

Please visit us at Jordan Health Center, 82 Holland Street (near the corner of Hudson Avenue and Upper Falls Boulevard). Use option #3 above if you would like to add a tour to your visit.

Artist Statement by Gale Karpel

I am a photographer, illustrator, and graphic designer. Nature has always been a source of inspiration for me; I find it to be simultaneously calming and invigorating. My love of the outdoors has been lifelong. In my early twenties I worked as a fire lookout on a mountaintop on the Arizona-Mexico border. Over the course of those months, I never tired of observing the ever-changing beauty around me.

I photographed this solitary oak, located in a field in Pittsford, New York, once a week over the course of a year. I was vigilant about watching the sky, clouds and light; often returning several times in a day to capture the perfect moment.